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Master Thyself Skincare is a US-based brand that believes God has created everything we need to have glowing, supple skin that ages in reverse. So we're taking it back to some ancient ingredients while being conscious of everything surrounding us. This mindset, combined with our passion for natural skincare, makes Master Thyself Skincare a company that your soul and skin can trust. All of our natural products are efficacious and of high quality.


Experience the Enchanting Touch

Step into the realm where magic thrives, your skin is treated to the most tender care imaginable and experience the most nurturing facial with Esthetician, Mercedes Valencia.

Hollywood's Secret To Glowing Skin

As a standout in the industry, my mentor, the renowned Shani Darden, has shaped my expertise, setting me apart as a skincare specialist. I regularly attend training sessions in her exquisite Beverly Hills studio, allowing me to bring exclusive celebrity treatments to Central Florida at VMZ Beauty Studio.

Facials solely determined by the time or specific treatment you opt for.

Products, tools, and equipment never a factor in pricing your facial you may bring. The focus is on delivering a premium skincare experience, tailoring each moment to cater to your individual needs and preferences within your selected timeframe.

40, 60- or 90-minute Custom Facials,

Mercedes will skillfully curate the perfect treatment, utilizing high-end ingridients and cutting-edge techniques to ensure you receive the utmost care and attention. Rest assured that within your chosen time, she will deliver the most exceptional results, leveraging her expertise and the finest products/ingredients available.

  • Prayer

    I humbly embrace my role as a vessel for God's love, delivering not only great skin but also spreading His boundless care and affection.

  • Deep Cleansing

    Uncover a fresh, revitalized canvas with meticulously deep cleansing using only towels thought facials, never harsh sponges on your skin.

  • Exfoliations

    Exfoliation with customized chemical peels, tailored to suit every skin type and sensitivity, revealing a renewed and glowing complexion.

  • Extractions

    Skillful techniques leave impeccably clear/ rejuvenated skin.

  • Ingredients

    Bespoke facials, where each mask is meticulously crafted with top-shelf ingredients.

  • Custom Mask

    Customized to meet the needs of your skin, a truly luxurious and effective experience.

  • Ultrasound Vibration

    Transmits acoustic sound waves below skin's surface to firm and tone.

  • LED Therapy

    Harnessing the power of light to stimulate collagen production, diminish fine lines.

  • Microcurrent

    Electrical currents lift, tone, and rejuvenate your skin. Visibly lifted and youthful appearance.

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Elevate Your Body Skincare Experience

Revel in the harmonious combination of Body Sculpting and Geneo Boy Treatments, designed to elevate your body skincare routine, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, radiant, and ready to show off your best self.

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Areas to be Treated

Neck and Décolleté and Hands

Abdomen and Back

Lower Body(buttocks and thighs)

Upper Body(front and back of arms and décolleté)

Meet Mercedes Valencia, Master Thyself Founder

Meet Mercedes, a licensed Esthetician, Sound Bath Facilitator, and a lover of Jesus, who has dedicated years to creating her own skincare products. Her personal journey, health issues, depression, and hitting rock bottom manifested through her skin, with severely sensitive and difficult to address with products from mainstream retailers.

Fueled by a holistic approach and her background in pharmacy Mercedes began exploring the power of natural ingredients. The transformative effects on her skin left everyone curious, asking, "What's your secret?!"

In 2018, Master Thyself Skincare was born—a testament to Mercedes' passion for holistic and natural skincare, intertwined with her expertise in the practice of self-love.

Oye! I can't wait to love your skin in person!

-Mercedes Valencia, Licensed Esthetician

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