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Master Thyself Skincare is a US-based brand that believes God has created everything we need to have glowing, supple skin that ages in reverse. So we're taking it back to some ancient ingredients while being conscious of everything surrounding us. This mindset, combined with our passion for natural skincare, makes Master Thyself Skincare a company that your soul and skin can trust. All of our natural products are efficacious and of high quality.


I pray over every bottle before they get in your hand to ensure that you receive blessings from our creator with every drop.

Mercedes Valencia, Founder

Meet Mercedes Valencia, Master Thyself Founder

Mercedes, a licensed Esthetician, Sound Bath Facilitator, and Reiki Master, has created her skincare products for years.
Her skin was a manifestation of the many obstacles in my life (health issues, total depression, and just hitting rock bottom). Her severely sensitive skin made it difficult to find her skincare solutions in significant retailers or pharmacies.

Her holistic approach led to working with natural ingredients. This quickly transformed her skin, leaving everyone asking, "What are you using for skin?!".

Master Thyself Skincare was born in 2018, the manifestation of the combination of Mercedes' interest in holistic/natural skincare and expertise in self-love.

Studio in Lake Mary, FL

Where all the magic happens. The most loving facial you will ever receive with Esthetician Mercedes Valencia. All Master Thyself skincare products are made in house by hand.

Treatment Menu
  • Neck and Décolleté

  • Back

  • Lower Body(buttocks and thighs)

  • Upper Body(front and back of arms and décolleté)

  • Hands

  • Abdomen

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Oye! I can't wait to love your skin in person!

-Mercedes Valencia, Licensed Esthetician