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Welcome to my website! As a passionate creator, I not only offer special limited edition drops but also craft the best-selling products with utmost care and attention. Each item is meticulously handmade using the finest ingredients, infused with my love and dedication. While the latest special drops may be sold out at the moment, fret not! I have some incredible new releases on the horizon. Remember to check back and sign up for my email updates, so you never miss out. These highly coveted items tend to disappear within hours, so be prepared to seize the opportunity when they become available. I can't wait to share my handmade treasures with you!

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Experience the Essence of Luxurious Loc Care:

Embrace the opulence of our Loc Care Collection, where every product encapsulates the essence of luxury. Great for all hair types.

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Tattoo Butter

The epitome of high-end luxury for tattoo healing, enhancement, and preservation. Crafted with utmost care, this exceptional product is made using only the finest organic and natural ingredients.

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Goddess Elixir - Face Oil

Enhance your skincare routine with the luxurious Goddess Elixir face oil. It serves as the foundation of my skincare line, infused with ancient wisdom and crafted with a woman's touch. Experience the benefits of natural and organic oils that nourish, hydrate, and brighten your skin while not clogging your pores. This elixir empowers you to radiate confidence and inner beauty.

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My mission is to inspire and empower you to achieve your highest potential, both inside and out. With lovingly crafted products made from natural ingredients, I strive to add value to your life in every way possible, leaving you feeling uplifted and radiant and in the best skin of your life, for life.

-Mercedes Valencia, Founder

  • Vegan

    Cruelty Free

  • Natural


  • No Synthetic Fragrance

  • Sulfate


  • Paraben


  • Recycable/ Eco Friendly

  • Clean Luxury

    Immerse yourself in a world where purity and opulence intertwine, elevating your skincare routine to unprecedented heights. Crafted with the utmost care, our products embody the essence of clean beauty, free from harmful ingredients. Revel in the transformative power of natural and organic elements, as they bestow your skin with a luminous radiance that captivates the senses. Embrace the harmonious synergy of clean and indulgent, as our fast-absorbing formulas lavish your skin with unparalleled nourishment. Unlock the secret to timeless beauty and bask in the luminosity that comes from embracing clean luxury in every precious drop. Experience skincare that transcends the ordinary, delivering results that shimmer with the brilliance of authenticity and elegance.

  • Ultimate Hydration

    In the world of skincare, nothing excites me more than unlocking the secrets of ultimate hydration. My expertly crafted products are designed to quench your skin's thirst like never before. Experience the transformative power firsthand as my fast-absorbing formulas deliver intense nourishment, leaving your skin supple, radiant, and refreshed. Dryness will become a distant memory as you embrace a rejuvenated complexion with a natural, dewy glow. I am committed to excellence, making sure your skin's hydration needs are met, providing you with the key to unlocking lasting, revitalizing moisture. Join me on this journey to beautifully hydrated skin as I offer you premium skincare essentials that deliver unmatched results.

  • Skincare Expert

    As an esthetician, I take great pride in crafting skincare products that truly matter. Working intimately with skin every day has given me invaluable insights, allowing me to create products that stand above the rest. Embracing natural and organic ingredients, my fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic formulations deliver superior results. Experience the transformative power of intense hydration and nourishment, as your skin becomes radiant and flawless. Trust in my expertise and dedication to bring you skincare essentials that are unmatched in quality and effectiveness. Elevate your skincare routine with products tailored by an esthetician who understands and cares for your skin's unique needs.

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Meet Mercedes

Master Thyself Skincare, founded by Mercedes Valencia, is the culmination of her expertise as a licensed esthetician and reiki master, combined with a profound understanding of the body's innate healing potential. Mercedes's dedication to clean, natural skincare has led her to infuse her products with her extensive knowledge of medicine and holistic healing.

At MTS, my mission is to offer gentle and effective skincare solutions that not only nourish your skin but also support your overall well-being. I believe in harnessing the transformative power of natural ingredients and infusing them with loving intention. It's through this harmonious blend that I invite you to discover the radiant beauty that resides within you.

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