Money Manifesting and Cleansing Candle Workshop w/ Reiki Master, Dr. Unicorn

Join me LIVE Wednesday evening at 8 pm ET for a private community workshop where I will be sharing some of my favorite manifesting techniques to help you supercharge your manifesting powers. 

This one-hour workshop is power packed with everything you need to change your current relationship with money while removing blocks to allow the flow  of abundance.
Included in the workshop:
Guided Vibration Meditation, Journal Exercise, Reiki Candle Magic, Sound Bath and more. 

What You Need:


A comfortable, quiet place to meditate and journal.

A candle (color suggestions: green, white and red). If don’t have one it’s okay, I will be burning candles for us as well.

Crystals (recommendations: Clear quartz, citrine, rose quartz, Aventurine or Jade. If you don’t have a crystal it okay! You will have all of the information from the workshop for you to use in the future.

Paper and a writing utensil. Preferably a new small journal that you will continue to use for manifesting. 

An open heart, ready to release and and to receive. 

The energy exchange is $23.45

We are more powerful at manifesting when we do it together.

To secure your spot, please email with a screenshot of your payment confirmation as well as one limiting belief or negative feeling/thought you have towards money. 

A  few days after the workshop you will receive an email with a recap video of the workshop for future use along with reading/download of our candle ceremony.

The deadline to sign up with your confirmation email is Wednesday 12/9/2020 5 pm, 3 hours prior to the event's start time.





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